Here comes the Kent Flea

Saturday July 1 is the next edition of the Kent Flea, a new endeavor began this year as a way of presenting vintage and handcrafted to the local audience.  We participated in their first event in May and had a blast…. so we are back.

Since the term came back into vogue I must admit i have winced at the word “Flea” because it reminds me of junk sales my Aunt Olga used to take us to…. my mom was always concerned we would pick up diseases like Impentago because everything was dusty and dirty and old and rejects of the current vogue trend… but potentially great finds.   I never think of what we do as fitting that description, but i realize that it is my view of that term that is archaic…. because the idea of the “flea” is a marketplace of wonderment – vintage finds that you cant live without, wonderfully handcrafted goodness, and serious eats.

So save the date, and if you are anywhere near Kent Ohio come on down and visit us on July 1st.  We will be hanging out in our tent.