Silk Play Days planned

Have you ever wanted to just try something you never did? Perhaps it is to just make a scarf that will be a gift?  Or design a scarf that will be your very own wearable art?  If you can trace a pattern, you can paint a scarf!!!

The dates are:

Friday October 6th 5pm – 9pm

Saturday October  21st  10am – 2pm

Sunday October 29th 1pm – 5pm

We love having fun, and sharing how we make things.  We have planned a few events in our studio that give you the opportunity to create your own wearable piece of art in the form of a painted silk scarf.

The process:

You piece of silk begins as white silk.  You choose a drawing (or draw your own), lay the silk on top of the drawing, and trace the design with a special substance called gutta resist.  when the gutta is dry the silk is placed on a stretching frame, and painted.  When the piece is dry it is taken off the frame, wrapped in newspaper, and steamed for 1 hour to set the color and resist.

All play days are held at 2570 Superior Ave #605; Cleveland Ohio  (This is the ArtCraft Building).  The cost is $30 which covers all supplies to paint 1 piece of silk measuring 11″x60″.  You may draw and bring your own design, or use my patterns.  I will provide refreshments and ask that you bring something snackable to share with the group.  Payment not required until the day of the event.  To register please fill this form out: