The power of connections

I wanted to think through the many connections that were made, or reconnected at Tremont this past weekend, and I knew i needed to write about this.

I never view my purpose as setting up my tent to just sell sell sell… although that is a wonderful side benefit.   Both of us purpose to build a sense of community with visitors, and friends alike.  And events like Tremont serve to rekindle some of those old friendships.  While our lives have gone in different directions, there is something very satisfying about seeing people that were (or are ) a great part of your life.  From the years when Steve worked for Tremont there are so many people he worked with.

I payed special attention to faces… loving to see the big grins, the warm words of encouragement, the big bear hugs.  We have a sense of belonging in that space, even if these days it takes on the shape of an itinerant art gypsy.

We always set up a few chairs at the back of the tent for those down times, but often they become a place to catch up, sit for a moment, celebrate our friendships, share burdens and joys…. and just be satisfied to be in that moment, living at peace, enjoying each others company.

Is there a real benefit of being known, and recognized by others? Or of developing that sense of community?   Absolutely.

According to a number of reputable social scientists we need to know we have a place in our world, recognized, accepted and encouraged.  Our birth families start us on this path, but it is essential that we surround ourselves with people that look for us, accept us (warts and all) and embrace our lives in ways that will allow us to fully develop the personality and gifted-ness we posses.

Thank you for being that sense of community that has embraced us, befriending us, allowed us to be a part of your life, and allowed us to grow.  You will never know how being a part has deeply impacted both of us.