Month: October 2017

Communication and Personality Style

    Working and living around people will quickly give great joy or deep sorrow.  People bring a strong sense of personality and a varied type of communication style.  It was in the year 2000 that i first heard the term “Passive Aggressive” used and 

News, News, News

  We are delighted to announce that we received word of acceptance to the Ogleby Art Institute’s annual holiday artist market, held at the Steifel Center on the grounds of Ogleby resort.  I will be placing my display on the first floor of the gallery, 

Do you manage time like a boss?

How do you handle your schedule, and your life?  Are you feeling comfortable with the cadence of your life, or does it feel like everything is coming at you faster than you can manage?  Managing time has so many ripples into every aspect of life… 

Quote of the day

“Grief is love’s souvenir. It’s our proof that we once loved. Grief is the receipt we wave in the air that says to the world: Look! Love was once mine. I love well. Here is my proof that I paid the price.”  ― Glennon Doyle Melton, Love