Silk Play Day fun

Last winter we began having silk play days in the studio.  Its an opportunity to try your hand at designing and painting a scarf.   I call it a play day because it is just that…. a fun endeavor that does not require the rigor of precision.  Its experimentation, just like when we were children, learning new things.  Its a time for fun, for relaxation, for making friends and some snacks.  Casual, fun, release.

While the 4 hours doesnt seem like enough time, it is!!!  Look at these beautiful people and their wonderful creations you can see that it is both fun and rewarding.  

We get to use the big room adjacent to my studio, with a capacity to spread out, and find your own space.  Each work surface holds two people, so bring a friend, or make a new friend!!

I provide the silk, and all of the supplies to create and paint one scarf. I have designs or you can draw your own.  We bring snacks and make it a party.  I still have a few spots opened for Saturday October 21st from 10am — 2pm.  Come out and play!  Release the creativity hidden inside.  If you are interested click the link below: