Hygge ???

oh my goodness…. it is fascinating how trends in thought pop up in pop culture, and this is one that has been bubbling to the surface for a year or two. As cultural pop culture ideas go, this one has been making its rounds with home decorators, and oddly enough i first heard about it on NPR radio. And it seems that everywhere i turn there is some buzz or marketing associated with this word. But what is it? why should we care?

The word Hygge comes from the danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort and joy”. From an ancient Norse word “hyggia” that means hug. It speaks of the mood, of a comfort that is sensed not just with the people around us, but the surroundings themselves… Beauty that brings comfort. In English we might call it coziness. Hygge is more than that – its companionship, it is a pleasant and valued experience of safety, equality, personal wholeness and spontaneous social flow.

Read More: I want to recommend a book i read about Hygge that was enjoyable, and even came with recipes of authentic danish cuisine.

And this is a very insightful video about the subject: