How good are you at EQ?

What on earth is EQ? This stands for Emotional Intellegence Quotion.

We are well aware of the idea of intelligence – our capacity to process ideas, concepts, learning, etc. But there are different areas we have knowledge and expertise, and perhaps you have never given EQ a thought.

Definition: Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. – Merriam Webster dictionary

Emotional intellegence is a set of skills that notices and responds to the emotions behind the action / situation. In business emotions have always been meant to be under the surface, but not readily available for others to see. That is easier said than done. We are all human, and life happens. We cant be 100% up and positive all the time. Emotions will reflect in our faces, our actions and our decisions. Honing a skill with emotional intellegence becomes an skill set in life.

Emotional intellegence has 5 components:

  • Self-Awareness. -taking the time to be aware of where i am, what is impacting me right now, and how it might impact others
  • Self-Regulation. – taking the effort to control my own reactions, and behavior
  • Motivation – Willingness to look out to others and help them see the situation in a positive light, build the team
  • Empathy – Sharing the joy/sorrow of others- being there.
  • Social Skills – learning to read the situation, find clues of what unspoken emotions are a part of the picture.

Want to know where you stand with Emotional Intellegence? There are a number of free assessments online. Here is one that is insightful: