Winter Dry Skin

As i write this post the temperature outside in frosty Cleveland is 12 degrees farenheit, with a wind chill that feels like -20 on the skin. That deep freeze cold can be brutal on our skin, causing at least drying, and at worst frostbite. Are you prepared to take good care of your skin? I have been reading alot about the subject as part of the research for our business and here are a few key things i have found that might help you too:

  • Stay Hydrated – That means drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Our body maintains hydration best with water, not tea, or coffee, or pop, or juice. The most important part of skin maintenance is hydrating from within.
  • Think Steam – Having steam in the air will also contribute to hydration. You can either buy a humidifier, or my favorite is to put a big pot of ingredients on to make soup… and let it slowly steam.. The house smells great and the humidity offers your skin a much needed suppliment of moisture.
  • Cover up – when you are heading out into the cold. The goal is to minimize skin exposure to harsh arctic wind.
  • Eat food rich in moisture: You can add moisture by consuming vegetables high in moisture like cucumbers and zucchini, fruits like melons and berries, and citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit and lemon.
  • Bath or shower in cooler weather: we want to take steamy hot showers, but truth is these hot showers deplete your skin of naturally occurring oils. Luke warm showers or baths are more gentle to your skin.
  • Wash with soap that is super fatter. Super fatting is a method utilized in the soap making process where an additional 5-10% more oil to the formula. By super fat ting the soap actually replenishes those natural oils that would be washed away. Your skin never feels sticky or dried out after a shower. As a note, we superfat every recipe of soap we make. Interested in trying a bar?

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Be cautious in these sub zero cold temperatures, and take good care of yourself! And stay warm