Lakeside Chataqua

We are fresh from 5 days at our most favorite spot to visit during the summer.  Lakeside Chataqua is a summer community founded by the Methodists in the 1870s as a summer community with purpose.  Modeled on the original, Lake Chataqua New York idea, this community offers lecture series, art school, sports of almost every sort including water activities on their slice of heaven on lake erie, and a faith component.

We stay in a gorgeous bed and breakfast known as Idylwyle, a grand bed and breakfast run fabulously by Dan and Joan Barris.  They offer comfortable clean accomodations, and the best breakfast in Lakeside.       I dont know how he does it but every day Dan wakes up the chickens then goes on to make wonderful fluffy cheesy eggs, Coffee Cakes made with the fresh fruit he has on hand, and a huge fruit salad.  And lets not forget those fabulous sliced tomatoes with Dan’s steak seasoning… The best!!!!

We spent our days thursday through saturday in our tent at the lake, on the lawn of the Victorian Hotel Lakeside, with views of the lake, the sail boats, and we could actually see the perry monument across the lake  on the island.

We had a blast visiting with patrons, and fellow artists.  We collected some amazing stories, but more than anything we recharged our batteries with the slow and simple pace of summer as we once knew it.   Our cell phones had weak signals, and that was great because it forced us to turn the technology off, and enjoy life.

Lakeside offers so much… you should check it out! Want to know more?  Visit their website   Meanwhile here are some photos: