Business and Failure

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Have I lost my mind?  What am i talking about failure for?

Because every great and successful adventure begins with failures… small or large.  Edison invented the lightbulb after having countless failures at various versions of what we now know works.

The difference between Edison and most people was the stick-to-it nature, the willingness to be persistant until finding the success.

In business it is a search for the market, the right price, the right
product. Willingness to adapt, flex and bend with changes in economy and culture are key.

Lesson is
1. Be flexible
2. Be adaptable
3. Persist….continue
4. When failure comes evaluate what happened and learn from it but move on.

Edison had a famous quote:  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

So failure will come…. dust yourself off, ask the hard questions about what happened, how it could be improved and breathe deeply, and go on.  Failure is really just a sign post on the road of success.  We were just never told to look at it that way.