Month: January 2020

Whats the buzz about cold processed soap?

Handcrafted cold processed soap is growing more popular again. Is it a return to nostalgia, or is there something more to it? We will explore this idea in today’s blog.

2010 was quite a year!

This year we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on our life and the adventures of the last decade. As the clock hits midnight and we celebrated happy new year 2010 Steve and I were gainfully employed and comfortable. Our lives were somewhat easy with 


Is it a dirty 4 letter word to you? or is it fuel for the next step of the adventure this life brings? Its another commonly discussed concept in business books, and entrepreneurial pod casts for good reason. Fear can be something that stops us 

Have you heard of impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome has become a popular topic on all of the podcasts i have been listening to lately. Until now i had not heard of it, although we all likely have wrestled with this without knowing the name of it. Impostor syndrome (also known as