How are you doing?

Yes, you…. sheltering at home, or out on the front lines to help with the Covid-19 pandemic? We have just entered the third week of working from home during this time to flatten the curve, and slow the spread of the virus, and i will admit that these are perilous times. But how are you coping?

I have been cooking up a storm, and eating far more than i usually do, possibly as a comforting mechanism. It occurred to me that this pandemic is so surprising, and unexpected. In fact a lot of people will say this is unprecedented in our time. And i have thought that the news has been as shocking as that of the 911 terror attack. Compounding the stress have been conflciting reports and sensationalism of events. We are being bombarded with information constantly. I see you nodding your head yes.

So what do we do with this time we are living through? I have been thinking about this alot, and here is my quick list of best self care ideas:

  • Eat healthy – Take the time to eat good foods that nourish you. Lots of leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits, and reasonable amounts of meat.
  • Keep hydrated – Water, water, water – its the best thing to drink that will keep your adequately hydrated. Hot beverages are a nice choice too… i love my cup of tea.
  • Maintain a regular routine – Its very easy for us to fall into a habit of neglecting some normal things because we are home, and it may not matter for usto get dressed in business clothing. But it does matter to keep a routine… waking up the usual time, eating at the normal times we have in the past. Experts tell us this is vital to our wellbeing because it maintains a sense of normal when everything else seems not so normal.
  • Get enough sleep – make a concerted effort to keep a normal bed time, and carve out sufficient time for sleep. Its amazing what brain scientists report are the benefits of sleep – not just refreshing our body, but completing the process of saving memories learned that day. The amount of time needed varies widely, and you alone know what you need. During stressful times allow yourself a bit more shuteye.
  • Turn of the chatter – or at least limit the amount of exposure to news media and social media…. I have found that by turning off the tv, and social media that i feel better about life… less prone to anxiety or fear.
  • Spend time meditating / soaking in some spiritual time. for me its time in the bible and prayer every day… calming words of encouragement from the Psalms are always fresh perspective.
  • Find a hobby or work on a project – Do something to keep yourself busy and for all practical purposes, distracted from the news. I have been cleaning and organizing closets, and plan a total attack of my basement, then my spare room.
  • Check in with friends – make sure to call or text friends to see how they are. There is nothing better than checking in with old friends to encourage your spirit.
  • Fret Not! – Worry does not accomplish much to change the situation – but doctors explain that worry can actually advance health issues. So, take a deep breath, let go of what you cannot control, and realize that for the first time in our lives the whole world is in this situation.

Please share your ways of coping with our current Covid-19 adventure. I would love to know what you are doing to stay calm, normal and to get through this. Comment below.