Solid Perfume? I never heard of that

Sexy Man Solid Cologne

We introduces solid perfumes to our line nearly 6 years ago, and discovered they have been a great success.  We melt and blend  beeswax, coconut oil, palm oil along with essential oil and pour the mix into small 1 ounce tins.  Solid perfume is a classic way of enjoying fragrance while being able to carry it around.  History tells us this form of fragrance dates back to ancient Egypt, and has been commonly used as a way of wearing fragrance.  It was only in the middle ages that someone realized they could mix fragrance (or essential oils) with alcohol as a liquid perfume, or eau de cologne.  In our day it is more common to see bottles of perfume with mister sprayers.  But there is still interest in avoiding the propellants and alcohol found in spray perfumes… so here we are.

Our solid perfume remains solid up to 90 degrees, which is ideal for use most of the year.  We recommend refrigerating it during hot summer months.   The second benefit of the blend it that it melts at skin temperature, and quickly massages into the skin. And we should also tell you that the blend of oils is ideal skin moisturizer.  We recommend applying to pulse points, such as at the inside of the wrist, behind the ears, and at temples.

Perfume is a personal thing… and it adapts to each person’s body chemistry to smell slightly different for each wearer.  Scent is so personal as well.  Some of us love bright fruity smells, others soft florals, and there are some lovers of mysterious spicy tones.  We were thinking of a small start of just a few fragrances.  Here is where we are now:

  • Lavender Lemon  – using the same essential oil blend as our new shave soap, this solid perfume is a rich lavender that hints at rosemary, and bottom note is a bright citrus lemon brought by litsea cubiba essential oil.  Relaxing, calming, refreshing.
  • Spicy Pear – a blend of fresh pear fragrant oil, ginger essential oil, clove essential oil and a hint of black cherry fragrant oil.  This one is bright a fruity, with a gentle undertone of spice.
  • Peppermint – Offered from my own research into fragrance, peppermint has several practical benefits that make it popular.  Customers have reported they like this because peppermint seems to help when headaches are starting, or when experiencing nausea.
  • Thieves – a herb/spice blend of essential oils known to the ancients as a mainstay through the dark days of the European plagues.  Scented with Clove , Lemon (We use Litsea Cubiba), Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus  oil, Rosemary oil and a hint of vetiver – its clean, fresh and a touch herby.
  • Sandalwood/Vanilla – Soft and feminine with the neutral clean sandalwood paired with a sweet vanilla.
  • Vanilla Musk – Clean and sweet vanilla pairs with a earthy musk… a lovely pairing that adds mystery and intrigue.
  • Blackberry Sage – sweet berries with a herbaceous note of sage… not too sweet, not to herby…

We package our perfume in 1 ounce tins, and the label has a seal on it – ensuring you are buying a fresh tin.  I keep one in my purse with no concern that it will melt until the temperature outside rises about 90 degrees – at which point the perfume goes into the fridge to stay cool.  The melt point is about 92 degrees. (so dont leave it in a hot car in the summer!!!)