Lets play with Silk

June is coming, and i wonder if you would want to come and play? We all need time to do something creative… to find that new medium of art expression, and the nice thing about this play day is that you can wear home the scarf you design. Lots of fun, and i am always here to help with anything needed. During the warm months we have a fabulous lake breeze

Silk Play days are a lot of fun that starts with selecting one of my sketches, and the color of resist you will be using. (You can bring your own drawing too – it should measure 11″ x 60″). We set the drawing on the table, and place the blank white silk on top.. Secured down so it does not move, tracing the design using a tube of gutta resist begins, carefully copying the drawing onto silk. Once this is completed we take a break for lunch… and i provide either soup or a big salad. (Please let me know if you have food or diet issues). While we eat lunch the resist dries, and the silk is ready to be stretched on a frame for the next step – painting.

Painting seems to go faster, and depending on the warmth of the studio it dries fast or faster. Once done the silk is taken off the frame, and ironed for 5-10 minutes per scarf. The heat and steam of an iron sets the color in the silk, and fuses the resist permanently to the silk…. and the nicest thing is the silk can go home as a ready to wear accessory with you..

We like to play, have fun, experiment… and i am always there to help with the details…

Click on this link for the information on the silk play days….

I am offering Saturdays in June and July. Come out and play… and wear your art home!!!