We are taking a break from Social Media

Odd how that sounds like something not in sync with our 2021 mindset, but I have to be honest and tell you that social media has become an unwieldy animal in all of our lives. It was such fun, such a great way to catch up with people we lost touch with, see their photos of phenomenal oatmeal breakfasts, exotic travels, beautiful life…. and then it turned. Starting 4-5 years ago there was a savage polarizing of people on social. We seemed to square off on sides, defending our view with all the fierceness that we would never show in a face to face encounter. And there were moments when a post garnered the pitchforks and lanterns of the social village. But i remember clearly a different polemic… one in which we agreed to dialog, knowing we have differences but seeking to find common ground. And in finding the common ground we purpose to agree to disagree. Social has brought about a much different mindset. We have lost our social politeness, our willingness to understand we are in this together, working to make life, and this world a little better.

And last year as we began seeing utter crazyness, censoring, banning, and social media raising their all powerful hand to eliminate anyone that did not share their view we began to wonder why we are still on social media.

But we have a business… right? And business needs the exposure on social, right? We had our shop connected to Instagram and to Facebook, able to link items and post… and suddenly their policy changed. Instagram wanted more of our information – our financial details on the business to “requalify” our shop online with them. And my visceral reaction was NO! (Actually it was Hell NO!!!) So i looked into how much of our business was actually generated from social media and that was the deciding factor. Over the past 5 years social media has accounted for 2% of our sales. The majority of our sales were directly from our mailing list, blog, shops we consign with, and in person art events. So the decision was easy to step away from Facebook. We will be phasing out Instagram by the end of the year.

So how do you keep in touch? Well if you are getting my blog post that is a start… Open your phone camera and capture the QR code – it will take you to our contact list…