Will the winter be long and hard?

we love apples, and stopped recently for a half bushel of them – soon to be apple sauce

Its hard to escape the news, and other media mentioning concerns about shortages, and difficulties with the supply chain. As i write this post news has come of a whole flotilla of ships off the coast of California unable to come into port to unload their goods. And some things are missing on the store shelves. How are you preparing for the winter and possible shortages? I do not want to sound like an alarmist, however i believe in that old motto of being prepared. Are you prepared?

We all remember the toilet paper crisis of 2020, don’t we? And at that time so many things disappeared including simple things we took for granted. It took us until late into the winter of 2020 to be able to find rubbing alcohol, which we utilize in one or two products we make.

It might be a good suggestion to buy extra of the staples. You know what i mean, right? The staples like bags of beans and sacks of rice, jars of sauce, pasta, cans of vegetables… things that you could rely upon if the regular things are not available. And dont forget your favorite coffee or tea. If you have pets, consider bulking up on their food as well.

Now before you write me off as a bit alarmist, think about this – if there is no need for these supplies they dont go bad. If on the other hand the store shelves begin to look empty, and the temperature gets cold you can rest easy knowing you stocked up a bit and can ride out the winter. Right?

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