Set aside the hustle and bustle of shopping, cleaning, cooking and join me in expressing thanks for this year that is quickly passing, the family and friends we know and love, the customers and patrons, shopkeepers, and friends. This has been another year of transition, change, chaotic news, and some challenges to so many people. We were allowed to live it, to breath each breath, to see the beauty (and the ugly) of life. As we set aside a day for giving thanks join me in making this a daily practice of finding the good, praiseworthy, joyous qualities of life to celebrate, and give thanks.

2021 has been so challenging, with several friends diagnosed with rapid moving cancer, my mother in law’s health diminishing both physically and mentally, and those reminders we are not 21 any more. All of this reminds us how precious life is and how we must take each day as a gift to unwrap today…

Celebrate life, celebrate the victories, wheep with those who are sad, but in everything thank God for the opportunity to experience life.

May your thanksgiving be filled with joy, and hope. We are thankful for you in our lives.