What would I say to my 100 year old self?

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Dear me,

As you read this letter you would definitely have lived through so much more time, and processed so much more life. I hope that you are healthy, and strong. And I hope that the actions and plans I made in younger years benefited you greatly.

I would love to know the lessons you have learned from a century on the earth. And how you made it through the lean times. Certainly you have seen technology change rapidly, and civilization change in a break neck pace. How did you cope with all of the changes, and the chatter? How did you cope with the passing of friends and family? And how is your soul today?

This note is also an apology for the many times expectation did not match reality. Our life was not big income, or power broker…. But we had a loving spouse, a gentle dog and a big garden. You let your creativity become a force for good, and I hope you are still doing art and creative things?

It was my prayer that the aging process would not be so difficult for you. Aging is part of reality, yet not everyone handles it so well. And it is my prayer that your mind is still sharp.

Signing off from 2023.

Sincerely, Me