What was the best compliment I received?

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

This was another bad provoking question that took me a while to come up with an answer. Compliments are rare.

But I have the answer. It came from my husband’s stepmom about a year ago. We were sitting visiting and she began to talk to us about having watched us almost lose everything with our financial reversal in 2010. She worried from a distance about us, but had confidence we would get through it and land in a better place. It was done at the compliment came. “I just knew you both would succeed and find your way out of the ashes of your big loss. You are both hard workers, intelligent and creative. Look how you have shown the world you can turn this around.”

Wow, I was astonished that she had such confidence in us. What a powerful compliment.

And that leads me to something that needs to be said. We seldom express compliments to our family. Kids build confidence through being assured when they do good. Adults need that assurance too. Sadly the fast paced world tends to offer criticism and instills apprehension rather than building us up. Be the difference… see something positive, don’t be silent. Say something affirming. It will make a difference.