What’s up with Birch Tar?

Back in May we participated in a garden art festival at Old Brooklyn Greenhouse where we met a Mother/Daughter who now live in the area, but were from Eastern Europe. They asked if we had ever heard of Birch Tar soap. They told us how this birch tar resolved a number of skin issues, and they missed the soap because they had not been able to find it here in the USA. Honestly neither of us heard of it, but quickly went to work researching it out.

According to Wikipedia, Birch (bark) tar or birch pitch is a substance (liquid when heated) derived from the dry distillation of the bark of the birch tree. It is analgesic, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, a great antiseptic, antitoxic, astringent, depurative, febrifuge, an effective stimulant, and a tonic that is sure to improve your circulatory system. And it smells like a very smoky camp fire.

For soap we were able to find the birch tar essential oil, and make the soap. I gave a bar to this Mother and Daughter duo, and brought a bar home to try. I am finding the bar lathers great, and my skin feels great. And I kind of like the scent of the smoky camp fire that is left on my skin.

We don’t make claims that our products are anything more than soap, so you do the research yourself. This might be a great soap for skin issues.

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