Count down to Pop Up Pearl

I am so excited to be a part of an event on Saturday, May 21st in Old Brooklyn called “Pop Up Pearl”.

The idea behind this event is to capture a glimpse of the possibility of a vital business center for “downtown Old Brooklyn”, the stretch of Pearl road that runs from the Zoo entrance south to the intersection of Pearl and State Roads. As a child I remember this being a strip of stores, restaurants, and activity. We walked to the old library then located at Henritze and Pearl Road, and I walked to a music store that is long gone and replaced by the Walgreen at the corner of Pearl and State for my violin lessons. There was a vitality to the area. Now, granted I also remember the womens clothing shop that had dresses trapped somewhere in the 40s-50s that were still for sale in the late 70s… but there was life, and slowly over the last 20 years things changed… the Broadview Movie House because a porn palace, and was so run down that the only option was to tear it down. Long time businesses closed, store fronts went vacant, and life ebbed away more.

Well, on May 21st this little stretch of business district will rumble back to life, with food vendors, artists, a pop up pet shop, lots of entertainment and so much more. It is a shadow of the hope that this little business district can again be vital. So if you are looking for some fabulous barbeque, or an interesting piece of art, or maybe a pet… and definately some fun and music please come out.

You will find me tucked away in the storefront marked with an awning “truly carpets”. I am sharing space with 5-6 other artists and know we will have a great day.
So join me… be there, have a blast, and breathe hope into the city again!!!