Hello world!

I have decided to begin a blog dedicated to my passion for art, and my hunger to share the directions that my creativity heads in.

A little about Images In Bloom – It is a grass roots buisness started last year. My art consists of several media – hand dyed silk, crochet wire into jewelry, and upcycling plastic grocery bags into “Reblooming Bags”

The hand dyed silk method I utilize is known as the shibori style, or japanese technique that involves knotting, folding, and wrapping the fabric before dying. Each scarf is like opening a christmas present because the actual pattern has a small element of suprise.
The longest part of the process to hand dye the silk is preparing the silk, tying or sewing the knots into the fabric, and planning where the dye will be placed. I have been striving to dye my silk to resemble images of flowers. Like all forms of art, the more you practice the more interesting this is getting. I plan to post photos of my latest work as I process new pieces.

I have discovered a passion in wire crochet. Amazing how quickly wire transforms into a lovely bobble, bracelet, or pin. Beads embroidered into the wire crochet take the work to a whole new level. And I have discovered magnetic pin backs and love them!!!!

And the Reblooming Bags, made from upcycled plastic grocery bags has been a wonderful joy for me. Utilizing between 100-300 grocery bags per handbag or tote, I think I am making a small dent in saving the landfills from plastic. While i am only 1 woman, I like to think that each handbag created is a statement of environmental awareness.