Preparation for Pop Up Pearl

If you were to surprise me by stopping over my house today i would probably freak out on you. Why? Because I have a bizillion things in process for tomorrow for Pop Up Pearl. My living room is the staging area for “Images In Bloom”, with silk on hangers, and RE-Blooming Bags tagged, and ready to go. I have been finishing my wire crochet pieces, getting everything in boxes, and I spent last night packaging the soap… that was majorly time consuming, but i think it looks great.

Preparation- a million little details, but worth the double checks to make sure it is right for the event.

Oh, and did I mention the smell of pork slow roasting for pulled pork sandwiches? Our house has smelled like pulled pork central as Steve slow smoked and then slow cooked 4 huge pork butts….there was no living with our dog because he knew what he was smelling and was eager to have a taste.

Steve and the guys from church will be barbequing ribs, making pulled pork sandwiches, and contributing as one of the music venues tomorrow. I think it is going to be a remarkable day.

And I am so happy to see that Freshwater Cleveland has published an article on Pop Up Pearl… Freshwater is an interesting electronic magazine that searches out unique and noteworthy people, events and places in our city. Always something good to read and you can check it out at :