Of Soap, and Silk and Wire and Plastic

Yesterday I spent the day at Pop Up Pearl, a first time event for Old Brooklyn and it was a wonderful day. There was an amazingly good foot traffic, and lots of friends and coworkers stopped to visit. Thank you to each and every one who visited my booth, and especially thank you for your purchases.

I am learning something and I think i like this lesson… it is all about people, and relationships, and establishng a repoire with people. We want to make snap judgements about each other, but in the atmosphere of a festival like yesterday people want to wander and enjoy themselves… and they want to be friendly. I was so glad to see so many old friends visit… wow, that was the blessing of the day for me. And the artists are another interesting component of this… As I get to meet other artists and crafts people I am learning that they just want to find someone who loves what their hands have made.

A dear friend named Sue, the super plant lady, added to my booth some of her well loved and tenderly cared for african violets and other house plants… and that was fun. Amazing how people love beautiful plants… all the violets went, and most of the super healthy house plants sold too… Thank you Sue and Ernie for being a part of the event!!! Here are Sue’s Blooms:

And I am learning that each festival or event has a distinct preference of what they like. It always seems that one of my products sells better… usually the soap is always a wonderful seller, and it was a big attraction to the booth…. everyone loves to use multiple senses with the soap… handling them, smelling them.. and that is alot of fun. (It is fun because it is how I function too… i want to smell things, handle them, see them up close.) Pop up pearl surprised me with a number of people that wanted to talk about making soap. There are a number of soapers out there, and some were willing to share advice, or encourage our business.

I had no idea what would be the hot product of the day… I can say that the plarn bags were a hit, and I sold half of my inventory. Wow! I do think it is fun to see what I have created wandering around in use… and knowing i could repurpose and upcycle something as simple as plastic grocery bags… that makes me so glad to see that people were interested enough to buy them.

So what is next for Images in Bloom?
I am gearing up for providing an inventory of my bags to a wonderful pop up shop that will be in Gordon Square from mid june to July 3. Be sure to check out her blog, or find Collective Upcycle on Facebook. This should be a wonderful opportunity.

As I write this post I have just printed off 6 applications for festivals and events, and I have 3 business cards to contact back of folks who stopped and made invitations to me… so as this gets sorted out I will pop up a post. Thanks for following my business. It is growing.