Soap stories and upcoming events

I have soap on my mind this morning because my house smells amazingly of honeysuckle and a soft pine fragrance he calls “A Walk in the Woods”. I really love how my house fills with these fragrances, and how the soap making process is down to a fine science for my husband.

People say the funniest things and don’t perhaps realize it. Recently at an event I had a woman walk up to my booth and ask “Do you have soap in your soap?” “Why yes, soap is soap” I replied, to which she said “Oh, I only like soap that is not made with soap.” and she walked away. Huh? I am still not sure what she meant by her comment, but i thought it was humerous enough to share with you.

We had several men stop by our booth to ask if we sold shaving soap. Shaving soap? Wow, i am surprised that people actually use the bar soap and a brush to lather up for a shave…. I promised to research this, and see if we can develop a shaving soap. I learned that the basic soap recipe we use is perfect for shaving soap, however there is one ingredient that needs to be added – a type of pasturized clay. Ordered the clay, and can hardly wait to make a first batch of this soap to see how it will sell. Will keep you posted.

We also learned in our research that we can call our soap Vegan because there are no animal products used in it. Wow, that is a big bonus because we have had a number of people stop and ask us about ingredients. It is nice to say we offer a great product that is animal free.

And finally, I am please to announce that we will be setting up our tent and booth Saturday, May 28th at the “A Day in the Country” event in downtown Burton from 10a – 5pm. If you are interested in the civil war there will be a reenactment on that day, and the following day, Sunday, May 29th in Burton’s Century Villiage. This is in conjunction with the art fest on the burton square. Should be a great day.