The sunshine makes me more creative

Today with the gentle cooling wind blowing through my house and the sun shining brightly I find it hard to get house chores done… my silk is calling me to the front porch to dye and paint… But I realize that responsible adulthood means a balance between the artist within and the house upkeep. I wonder if the great masters had laundry to do or vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the house? Yes, they probably did. And the reality is that housework is essential to life. So I compromised, promising myself if I get a few hours of work done I can take a break and dye something. I just finished dropping burnt umber and a brass colored dye on a scarf which I plan to paint fall flowers on. Brass and burnt umber seem to evoke fall, drying leaves of rusts and golds and I love using copper colored resist (gutta) which complements the colors so nicely, and looks much less invasive than darker gutta. So my silk is dry, but my laundry beckons. So off I go to the next load of laundry, dreaming of my next break, savoring the opportunity to pour out some more creativity.

Walking from the front porch to the laundry I could not help but notice my lazy dogs. Shall we call them studio dogs? Rascal, the beagle, has earned the title, while Miss Daisy the pup would no sooner chew up everything than any thing else. but how can you resist how sweet they look … lounging on the couch…

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