Burton A day in the Country – July Edition

Was a wonderful time… warm, but good breeze,and a steady flow of people looking, sniffing and touching. It was antique farm vehicle day at Century village, which featured a parade around the square at noon… Hey, I thought Amish were not allowed to drive vehicles… take special note to the drivers of a large amount of these tractors!
And (LOL) there as not a Casey Anthony sighting although some rumor that she is staying in near by Newbury. Rumors are funny!

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The next “A Day in the Country” in Burton is Saturday August 27th from 10a to 5p. Hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Burton A day in the Country – July Edition”

  • The local Amish are OK with tractors–I’m not sure of the details as to when they are and aren’t permitted, but our neighbors have and use one on the farm. They seem to prefer the draft horses, though. I’m Ok with that.

    • that is fascinating. Many of my family live in Geauga county, and in Lancaster Pennsylvania, surrounded by the Amish, and i don;t think i have ever seen them riding tractors… in fact I have some fabulous photos of the horse team plowing the fields. Thanks for the update. Interesting.

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