Tremont – Photos

I finally uploaded my photos from Tremont to the computer tonight and thought I would post them here. I usually walk around and take a lot of photos, but this year i was distracted… this is all i snapped. I always get the chalk artist – his work is incredible, and how sad that after working for 4-5 hours the chalk painting will dissolve away….

Also in the shots are a few of our booth, and our new vertical rack for soap – an old bookshelf rescued from someone’s trash and a few baskets… amazing but it works. Next project – painting it black.

As you can also see, the red thread bracelets were there, and a big hit… so glad I was able to send a check for all of them off to Red Thread the day after the Tremont festival ended…. it is a good feeling to know that there is a social justice component in our business.