Red Thread Project

I wrote something briefly about this before. I want to partner with organizations or endeavors that are providing solid socially redeeming efforts. One of the most frustrating and hideous problem that our world has been experiencing since time began includes the selling of young women into slave trade. And sex slave trade is alive and real in our world. How many of us will never really encounter women that have been demoraized, and forced into such lifestyles. And how many of us think that we would like to help, but we don;t know how? Yes, that was me too.

I did a bit of research and found an organization called Red Thread Project that offers amazing help to young women of Nepal. They run several homes in Nepal, and work to rehab these young women and provide them with new tools to live and make a living. A simple $3 investment into a red thread bracelet ripples all the way to nepal, and rescues a life from dispare. I like that.

So at tremont I set out the poster and a basket of these bracelet/cards and sold the entire 30 bracelets… that amazed me. People want to help, they just don;t always have the means to do so. This makes it easy to be a part of changing this offensive slave trade practice.