Month: November 2011

A busy 5 days await us

When we penciled in our schedule for shows we had planned to be busy every saturday. Doors opened for us for several other shows, so we need your prayers for stamina. These shows can consume our strength but only encourage our souls! This friday I 

Something to fan the flames

I found this video online one evening, and was so startled how it spoke to me. As i have written before, i want to surround myself with people that encourage me, encourage my dreams, and fan the flames of enterpreneurialism. The world knows of the 

Fanning the Flames

I like to read alot. I like to seek out and learn as much as i can consume in my mind and my heart about business, about business development, and about the enterpreneur spirit. And I like to fan the flames of my dream of 

Winterfest is here

By the time you are reading this post Steve and I are setting up for Winterfest in Public Square. We are so honored to be part of this event… We understand there are only 12 vendors, however a few hundred applied. Wow. It is going