Thankfulness for art

A day before Thanksgiving and I have on my mind the question of what am i thankful for this year. 2011 has been both the hardest and the most blessed of years for both of us. I am so very thankful for the ability to use my artistic capabilities, and to know that a business can actually sprout from those endeavors. I am thankful for having a husband who eagerly jumped into this adventure with me, often giving good business direction, and intuition on how to proceed. And i am thankful that our business is like a phoenix rising from the ashes of our previous life. We have had a number of people tell us “sounds like life handed you lemons and you are making lemonaid.” I was surprised to hear my hubby’s answer recently to that statement – “No, you have it wrong. We are not making lemonaid. We are making lemon merangue pies! Lots of them.” OK, i am so thankful for that sense of humor we have learned this year. And I am thankful that God is the glue holding all of this together, orchestrating doors to open and others to close.

So as you sit down to your meal tomorrow, stop for a moment and reflect on 2011 and find something you can say you are thankful for. Remember we are thankful for you too! Happy Thanksgiving.