Soap Challenge

Several weeks ago a friend send me a message on facebook asking if we are able to recreate specific soaps. She told us of a friend who purchased several bars of soap years ago, and now noone seems to carry it. He is down to the last bar, and that is half used but he would love to find someone to recreate it for him.

We like challenges – i send him an email,and Steve made arrangements to meet and discuss the soap.

Today we met with the guy who wants us to recreate a soap he fell in love with. No wrapper or packaging, just a partially used bar of soap to guess and analyze.

So who would expect to be sitting in Panera meeting a guy to discuss the unique chunk of soap he cannot buy any longer, but treasures very much. I wonder what the people at other tables were thinking of us…. coffee in one hand, and sniffing soap.

Steve has a keen sense about soap – he immediately picked up on several of the ingredients, but the scent is what will have us experimenting for a while, because it was a clean yet masculine one.
I am confident we will come to find that scent…. what a fun challenge.

As it turns out this guy owns Weber’s Frozen Custard, and shares a heritage of having come from Pennsylvania. Weber’s is the original frozen custard, which was served at Euclid Beach Park (for those of us old enough to remember that amuzement park in Euclid Ohio) and in the basement of Higbee’s he served malted…. yummy hungs of ice cream like malty goodness that were too thick for a straw, and when you tilted the glass the whole glob came rushing to your face. Yum!

It was an interesting meeting, and a nice challenge. We love the opportunity to try to figure these things out. And who knows, this may become one of our more amazing soap offerings. We will keep you posted.