Month: January 2012

Interesting things keep happening

I was sitting at my booth at the Avante Garde Show at Wagners when a woman came to my booth, and told me she just flew in from Florida yesterday. Telling me that she was a bit discouraged to be returning to Cleveland she had 

Getting to know other artists

One of the most amazing things about doing shows is the human element – the personal interaction. I have met so many amazing and talented people. And the people that gravitate to shows are interesting, discerning and oh so knowledgable. I love it. I have 

Come on down to Wagner’s Country Inn

Look out Westlake, the Avante Garde Show is arriving at Wagners at 10am today!!!

OK, My right hand is officially painful

I have been going at crocheting like a mad woman needing to restock my supply of reblooming bags, and unique upcycled treasures. And it was bound to happen… i discovered that three fingers on my right hand locked up… and even though i was sending