Odd Mall

Yes, it is called the Odd Mall, Emporium of the Wierd, but there is nothing wierd about our soap, silk and amazing things…. and we are so excited to be one of the 150 vendors setting up shop at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center located at 240 East Hines Hill Road in Hudson Ohio.  When?  Saturday May 12th… 10a to 5p., and we hope you can visit.

What is new with Images In Bloom? 

I have just received an order of silk… for the summer i am dying 90 inch long gauze like silk for summer scarves…. photos to follow.

Steve is working on a few new formulations of his soap.  One change he made was to the Rose Bergamont soap…. adding rose petals only to the soap gave it a different and richer texture….  It is a bit more rose colored, and the lather is incredible.  (did i mention the benefits of being married to a soap maker is i get the ends, and scraps when he cuts his loaves…..and i get to try it first!!!!)

We have set a schedule for the next few weeks of busyness, and look forward to jumping into the summer season with our whole heart!  I have just added a few dates to our schedule, so be sure to visit the schedule tab of this blog for updates on where we plan to be.