2 days till Art on the Hill

Here we come, Mantua.  Excited, packed and ready to travel to your lovely little town where the people are friendly, the music us great and the art totally rocks.


We have been very busy making more soap, dying more silk and in general getting ready for this event.  I also completed another 10 wire crochet and bead embroidered bracelets (photo above)

new soap products:   steve blended up a new soap fragrance made from eucalyptus and cedarwood.  It is a bright and clean scent that he is calling “on the sunny side”.  We quietly rolled it out this month .  those who smelled it like it .  saturday is the test to see if the crowd goes for it . 

in development:  research continues to perfect a good all purpose shampoo of organic ingredients.  Our first few attempts have been acceptable, but leave hair flat, dull. 

We are also in development of a dog bath bar…get display clean, and add shine to the coat.

Future expansion:  we have been in talks with a shop downtown and in little Italy and hope to made announcements soon on our product placement at these locations.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming events:  July 21 from Noon to dark is Brookstock, a music and art festival in Brookside Park, which is just west of the Cleveland Zoo.  Awesome event, and if you come be sure to bring a chair and stay for some of the day.  You may want to bring a hat also  because the sun is bright  and there’s not much there .  also included in the kids activities hands beer garden, and full service restaurant.