Mantua Art on the Hill

Saturday is Art on the Hill in Mantua and we are getting our business ready to set roll out.  Mantua is a bucholic community in Operate County with a passion for art, music and fun.  We had a blast last year, but pray the temperature will be lower than last year.

What have we been doing lately?  We cut back on events to revisit and adjust our plan.  We have been noticing the impact of low consumer confidence in the economy.

Rather than analyze the economy it seems more fitting to speak to the virtue of small local business….

1-we are local.  When you buy our locally made goods you are keeping the revenue local, which in turn keeps the tax base local, supporting local civic services.
2-our products are natural,made from the best ingredients we can find, some of which are locally grown, sourced.
3- We do a lot of research to create wonderful soap with the goal to make the most wholesome products we can.
4- Hand crafted is not ordinary, or assembly line.  Our soap bars will vary slightly from the cutting process, but we package them simply, clearly and with hygene in mind.
5- We love what we do and the opportunities to be part of the art community of Norteastern Ohio.

We hope to see you this Saturday between 10am and 5pm in Mantua.