Fashion-ista Color Choices

For those of us who pay a lot of attention to the fashion industry each season the colors change.  Fashion week leaves a wake of clothing manufacturers, weavers, dyers and tailors running to see what the color palette is this year.  Well, here it is – the panetone fall 2012 colors:

Color evokes emotion.  When i first heard this idea I could not wrap my mind around it, until i began to think it through.  Mourning and sadness evokes blacks and dark colors.  Bright colors have a vibrant energy that just have to make your spirits rise, and then there is the whole idea of how powerful color is in our world – what we wear, what we drive, how our homes look, and what colors we choose for our foods… color does evoke a world of emotions.

The colors of this year are interesting.  I have always thought of the oranges and browns as colors of Autumn… but add a pop of lime squeeze or violet breath and it is a whole different picture.  Bright jewel tones of mermaid’s dream and parisian blue give way to the soft and subtle neutrals of misty rose and brushed steel.  My mind is awash with ideas for incorporating these colors into the scarves i am dreaming up. 

I have this piece of silk that is just for that purpose… experimentation with color combos.  I have learned that it is better to try sampling colors together on a scrap before venturing into full pieces of silk.   

I would love to hear from you on what color combinations you think would look amazing together. 

I will dye a scarf based on the most responses… and ofcourse i will be posting the photos of the process and outcome of that scarf.  Please take the poll and vote!!!  This scarf will be going with me to the Textile Art Alliance Fall Boutique in October.