I think we need a studio

I realized earlier today when someone just dropped by to say hello and there were about 40 lbs of soap bars cut , and waiting to be wrapped on the dining room table; My plarn central space in a corner of the living room, and one endtable consumed with supplies, wire, beads, pliers, etc and finished wire crochet pieces…there seems to be no space in our home that does not reflect studio production of something.Β 

And we are at our breakneck speed to prepare for some up and coming events.Β  Here are the deadlines we have :

  • My unique wire crochet pieces – 10-15 pieces, along with packaging due friday for the Pinned and Pined For Gallery show coming up soon.
  • Wrap that ton of soap for Birmingham this weekend
  • 1 Dozen Scarves to dye and process for Textile Art Alliance
  • Sew Linings, labels and buttons on the Reblooming Bags I have finished crocheting.
  • Final touches on a unique Reblooming Bag that has alpaca roving crochet in with the plarn… photos to follow.

    No, this is not my house…. just feels like it

So lessons learned – Always keep the house in some sort of presentable order… and keep the chaos to a dull roar.

My big plan is to take 2-3 nights and transform our spare room into my studio space… a place to work on those projects, store the supplies, and a place where I can easily close the door and the chaos goes into hiding when guests arrive.