Transparent Honesty

On sunday morning Steve sat down to the business facebook page and placed an entry about our experience with a venue and how disappointed he was with how things have gone there.  We were both a bit frustrated with that venue, and how it has tanked this year, and had been looking for clarity on whether or not to continue that venue.  Saturday was the clear answer to our question.  The crowds were small, the people were not friendly, and they were not spending money, or being so incredibly picky.  Truth was that very few of the vendors were doing anything.  Low sales, coupled with the threat of a storm on Sunday made us decide to pull the plug on the event.  It was very frustrating. That said Steve needed to write it out, to be brutally honest, raw emotions on print.  He wrote from his heart.  It was real, honest, exposed and transparent thought.

And i was not sure if being so brutally honest was the correct thing, but the power of facebook reminded me that there is a virtue that is healthy when you are honest about everything in life.  Within a few hours 110 people had viewed the post, and we had a considerable amount of feedback, both with comments and private messages.

The feedback reminded us that we are not alone, and we need to re-strategize our business plan and learn to adapt to constant changes in the marketplace.  And the feedback reminded me that we are not alone in searching for our market, our customers, and revenue streams.  Almost as though ripped from the headlines, we are one of those small businesses that is impacted by every ripple in the economy.

This weekend offered us a clarity of our business, and an opportunity to clearing the clutter we have been adding into the business.

 Simplifying the plan, and continuing to go and do shows with the eye of discernment, asking that question of “Is this going to get us to the next place?  Is this where our customers are?” is at the forefront of our thoughts.

And the willingness to let go of those adventures that are no longer strategic, or profitable is as importantto this process.

Soo today we take a big exhale, and move forward. Thank you to each and every person who gave a response…and thank you for your prayers. We covet the wisdom and friendship of the community we are proud to say we are a part of.