Salt VS Sugar Scrubs – Which is for you?

Scrubs have become wildly popular these last few years… and more people are learning of their benefits, discovering the lingering moisturizing qualities and falling in love with the results.  But we get a lot of questions – Sugar or Salt?  What is the difference and which one should i use? We have done a lot of reading, and research and we put together a little bit of information to help you make the determination of what works best for your skin type:


As a rule, if you have never used a scrub it is best to start with a sugar scrub because it is more gentle.  However for the mineral benefits dead sea salt scrub is the way to go.

Some great ways to use scrubs:

  • The hand spa – for that hard working pair of hands, take 5 minutes every few days, and apply a small spoon of the scrub to your hands, washing until you feel you have exfoliated sufficiently.  Turn on the warm tap water, and gently rinse away the salt.  Your hands will feel like they have too much lotion on- have a paper towel near by to dry your hands, removing any excess oils.  Within a half hour you will notice your skin has absorbed most of the essential oils, and your hands will remain velvety soft.  For extra benefit: do this before bed, and then wear a pair of cotton gloves.  While you sleep your skin will be soaking in those rich essential oils.
  • The foot spa – Please make sure you have a pair of socks or slippers close by when doing this spa.  Gently apply a small amount of scrub to one foot, massage, and rinse.  Apply to the other foot, massage and rinse.  Pat your feet dry, and immediatly apply socks or your slippers.  Like the hand spa, for extra benefit wear the socks while you sleep. Your tough skin/callouses will feel softer, smoother.
  • The facialSugar Scrub only.  Have a fresh wash towel handy.  Apply a small amount of sugar scrub to your face, gently making circular motions.  Use caution to avoid your eyes.  Rinse your wash cloth in warm water, and gently apply to your face, gathering the sugar, and excess oil. Rinse several times, and towel dry your face.

Elbows, knees, and dry skin love being treated to this exfoliating treatment too!

The web offers a host of other benefits to use of these scrubs, including detoxifying the skin, and clearing up some issues people have had.  We are not making those claims. We can simply tell you that we love the softness and the velvety feel of our skin, and notice how it restores moisture.

By the way, our scrubs are 4 oz jars, and run $6.  If you are interested in purchasing one please call me at 216-374-8050 or send an email to: imagesinbloom @

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