New products in development for Winter

The hard working elves of Images In Bloom have turned the focus toward research and development of new products for the Valentines and Spring 2013 season… and here  is a preview of what is to come.

Research has been on regarding Pink Himilayan Salt… this salt is naturally a deep pink, taking on a rich blend of minerals through the age long development of the salt deep in the core of the Himilayan Mountains.  This salt is so pure, so healthy because until it was mined it lay deep under tons of  mountain, unseen by the world for a millenium.  Salt is an antiseptic, and detoxifying to the skin, while the rich mineral blend found in this type of salt is replenishing and renewing essential minerals to the skin.  It may be a bit selfish, but i asked Steve to research this because i have heard of this salt used for eczema, and rheumatoid arthritus… While we cannot tell you that the soap has health benefits, the internet is happy to fill in those details for you.

Soothing Pink Himilayan Salt Soap – Salt has such amazing qualities… and this bar offers luxurious creamy lather in unique style. Pink Himalayan Salt is known for its nourishing and soothing properties. I love this salt inside cold process soap for its exfoliating and moisturizing abilities.

And what would valentines day be without some pampering.  We found a wonderful recipe for a coco butter massage bar.  Solid coco butter gently melts as it warms to skin temperature, allowing a soft and velvety massage lotion.

Coco Butter Massage Bars – Made of pure Coco Butter… as the bar is warmed by skin it gently melts into a silky lotion, ideal for that deep back massage. Ours will be heart shaped, with a subtle pink tone. Which essential oil to use? We are still researching that one.

There is more to come… but these are our first projects of the winter. We are so excited about them and can hardly wait for them to cure sufficiently for us to be able to sell them. We hope you will be excited also.