I have written other posts about twitter, but today it is on my mind because i just finished an article on how twitter is being used to “brand” a business.  Twitter is a unique form of communication that has caught on… and i must admit i have been slow on jumping on the bandwagon.  But for the last year and a half i have been tweeting.  Initially it was retweeting things others shared which i thought might be informative or helpful to others.

In the last year I linked this blog to twitter, so when the post publishes, a tweet goes out, and facebook is updated, as is linked in.  Oh My, Sounds like i am swimming in social media.  But in our digital age it seems to be the main flow of conversation and communication.

So what makes twitter so interesting?

I think it is that concise 140 character limit of a tweet means boiling down the message or thought to the essentials.  Distilling a complex idea, or detailed announcement can be as challenging as writing a lengthy post about something.  But in our fast paced world it is “little bites” that get read, and forward.

So this is my question… Do you use twitter?  I have a little survey, and i am just curious of your opinion of the social media.