Applications in… awaiting jury outcome

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A cup of tea, the calander, the checkbook and a stack of applications… yes, this is the plans for my weekend…. We have committed to be a part of at least a dozen nicer art festivals this year, and have high hopes of being accepted again to each of them.  But the process is the same for all….

  • Fill out the application
  • Print three photos of products
  • Print three photos of our display
  • Write a check
  • Fold it all in an envelope, address, stamp and mail
  • Wait

Some of these events will be quick to respond, others take weeks.

a scene from 2012 Tremont Art and Culture Festival in Lincoln Park, Cleveland’s Tremont Neighborhood.

So here are some of the events we will be sending our applications in for:

Hessler Street Fair (in May)

Clifton Arts

Masterpieces in Art and Wine / Kent

Art on the Hill / Mantua

Made in Ohio

Textile Art Alliance Annual Show

Tremont Arts and Culture Festival

The Sauerkraut Festival

That is just a sample of the fun we will be up to this year.  Hopefully we will be juried into every one of these shows… we will keep you informed.