Refining our soap making processes

One thing about any type of artistic endeavor that i love about Steve is his enthusiasm to grow, learn as much as he can and expand his understanding of how something works.  Recently I wrote a post about our discovery of using the oven to finish off cold processed batches of soap and i am happy to report that the soap cures significantly faster, is a bit harder, and the color is much more vibrant.

We utilized cpop process throughout the holiday season, finding production increased because soap was able to be manufactured quicker, molds freed faster from their contents, and the biggest bonus was that the soap was cured quickly, not requiring those 3-4 week dry and cure times.  Well, that is not totally accurate – some soap recipes cannot be cpop processed because they contain either honey, milk, or oats… our products made with these ingredients do not cure correctly when they are rushed along with the oven process.   So we still have a few large loaves of honey almond oatmeal castille soap slow curing always!!!