inspiration in many forms

I know of a group of ladies that are certified zentangle instructors.  Zentangle is atrademark way of thinking as you doodle.  There is no correct way to doodle, but it is a set of concepts that help you to construct interesting and fun doodles.

Well, in my email box today was a most unusual canvas that was zentangled… bananas.  Yes, Bananas.  And it was a tribute to the painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.  Initially i thought this was odd, but the instructions indicate to etch the design in the banana…. allow for the design to appear, take a few photos of the design, eat the bananas and frame the photo.  OK – you decide:

American Gothic – in banana
the one and only “American Gothic”

Amazing… someone was very talented at copying and doodling the image onto a bunch of bananas… it seems like a lot of work put to something so fragile.  Yet that makes it so unique.

Here is the link to the many options for doodling on your bananas: