What a sign of hope

Where i live is just due south of a wind turbine that I can see from my office window.  It is always an amazing sight to look out and see those blades turnign, transforming wind to power in graceful circular swoops.  We have loved watching as it moves to maximize the wind, like a sail boat trimming its sails.

From early December to about a week ago the blades were still, and the turbine was not in operation.  It was sad to see this giant idle, purposeless, left to sit there not in use.

The turbine reminded us of so much of the city with beautiful properties abandoned to forclosure, sitting idle, purposelessly falling apart with neglect and abandonment.  So as we looked out to see an idle turbine our hearts were a bit sadder.  Last wednesday, as I was coming home and passing the turbine there she was – spinning in all her  glory.  Hope… yes indeed, the turbine is back in force, bringing purpose, transforming wind to power once again.

Our hopes are renewed that just like the turbine, the many forclosed homes in our region can once again occupy families, and the happy sounds or repairs, and play, and cookouts, and vital life.

I dont know why the blades of PearlWind were silent, but I suspect that the many abandoned homes were as a result of inappropriate banking policy changes.  Now that things have changed i hope we can get back to life as we once knew.  And I hope we can fill our region with a new sense of hope and purpose.

Thank you Pearl Wind – we are glad you a re back in operation.