Jury Acceptance at May Show

The Berea Fine Arts Committee hold several juried art events throughout the year to showcase local artists and provide a good opportunity to make their art available for sale.  They choose a lovely venue, and selectively open the opportunity to artists.  Fellow Artists that have been juried into the May Show at Coe Lake in Berea have said how lovely the venue was and how popular an event it is.  That said, i snapped some of the best photos of my silk, and wire crochet, and shot off my application for the jury process.

Holding my breath for what seemed an eternity, last Friday the jury returned their decision.  I am accepted. They love my silk, and the wire crochet, however expressed that the ReBlooming Bags are not to be there as they are not “fine art”.  ( I always think it odd that one group sets a specific standard, and yet the Cleveland Museum of Art Textile Art Alliance would welcome with open arms my ReBlooming Bags as an artistic expression of the passion to be green, and adaptively reuse materials for a functional purpose.  But it is ok.)

I love the opportunity to showcase some of the silk… and i have been busy dying a number of new pieces.  I will post photos as i finish the pieces.

So if you ar e looking for a wonderful afternoon in the sun, in a park like setting plan to visit me at The Berea Fine Arts Council May Show at Coe Lake (Berea) on Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 10am to 5pm.