Essential Oil – And a phone call


Last night while i was doing dinner dishes my cell phone rang.  “Hi, um, is this Images in Bloom? um, I got your number from a friend”.  Why yes it is, I replied.  How can i help you?

I had a lovely chat with a women who was just looking for a good source of essential oils.  It seems that in Cleveland itself essential oil is a hard to find commodity.  Was this for consumption or for application in a different form?

Long pause, silence….. the faint hum of electric current, and then she cleared her voice and said “well, um, someone told me that peppermint essential oil repels mice and we have a mouse in the house.”  Oh, new to me, but then i am not an expert on uses of essential oils alternative to in soap….  Mice, huh?  Wow, that could be helpful.  Gee i wish i sold essential oil… We dont, but I can tell you where we get ours from.

I went on to give her a small list of places we utilize on the internet.  She was thrilled and thanked me for the info.   If you are looking for essential oils, here are a few of the locations we have purchased from:

Rocky Mountain Oils 

Mountain Rose Herbs and Essential Oils

Bramble Berry

So it was an interesting conversation, and I learned that EOs have a life beyond the recipes for soap.  And look out mouse… peppermint EO is coming to get you!

I love these types of calls… you never know what people will ask, but it is always interesting.