A first in the jury process

Steve and I applied for a festival in the fall called “The Sauerkraut Festival” in Waynesville, Ohio … filled out the packet of paperwork, provided the insurance verification, and the photos of our products…. and then the long wait for the jury to meet and decide.

It has been well over a month, and we finally received an envelope in the mail from the festival.  The letter announced that the jury had met and wanted more information, and “proof of our processes” to make sure that our work is hand made.  Wow…. that is a first.

To answer this request we need to take a lot of photos of our processes…

  • SOAP:  from the raw materials – oils, lye, essential oils, botanicals, molds, workbenches…. to the process, the molding, the curing, the cutting, wrapping, and labeling…..
  • SILK: raw material, the process of binding, applying dye, drying, embellishing, steaming, pressing and finished product
  • WIRE CROCHET:  Copper wire, box of beads, crochet hook, the magnetic pin backs, bracelet closures and the process of crocheting the body, then embroidering the beads on, and finishing the work.
  • REBLOOMING BAGS:  From the plastic bags to plarn, and plarn to crochet, sewing in lining, and buttons, labels, and finished product.

We have a lot of photography to do, and write a narrative describing the process… wow.  So think kind thoughts with us that all of this work will result in being juried into the festival..  We have heard amazing things about it, and know  of several very successful artists who rave about it.  We can only hope they will love us and welcome us in.