A new and better soap rack

soap2We have been pulling together curb side finds to create our display of soap… initially a bookshelf found in the trash, with baskets fitting two to a shelf, and holding a large amount of our soap….

wpid-IMAG0344.jpgand then the white wire “mid century modern” rack i bought for $2 at a flea market…. They worked… they had their season, but as we grow we wanted to have a more professional look.

We spread the word, and a fellow artist, ZJayne, offered her son who is a carpenter, and wood specialist.  We set up an appointment, and met with him at a starbucks…  and we were on the same wave length… he came with a cute little cardboard prototype of a design he was thinking of offering… and it was oddly similar to our thoughts.

So we gave him a deposit, and he has set out to pull this together.  Eagerly we will be posting the photos of the display rack when we receive it.   It will be nice to be able to say our rack is a more professional display.

Also in the works is a new Banner .  I purchased a piece of silk 15″ x 72″ and have just begun to do the resist outlining of our company name and website.  We have settled on sunflowers as our logo… so the center of the letters will form a field of sunflowers, with the outline in a copper (or black) resist.  I have discovered a silk dye color known as Field Poppy, which is a slightly washed out crimson… and thinking about that for the background.  Here is my prototype:

imag_newWe are hopeful to roll out the new display rack and the new banner for our first spring event in  two weeks – The Cleveland Flea, on Saturday April 13th… will keep you posted.